Window / Double Glazing Repair

R & R Remedials of Paignton specialise in Window Repairs in the Torbay area.

With many years' experience in repairing windows and doors in the South West, we have the expertise and knowledge to fix your broken doors, replace faulty sealed double-glazed units or fit new locks, handles, hinges as necessary. Our service enables you to improve your windows and doors without buying new ones. 

windowhinge windowhandle windowlock sealedunit
Window Hinges
We carry an extensive range of window hinges to suit mot types of PVC or aluminium widows - top hung, side hung window or tilt and turn windows. We can supply and fit replacement hinges to your home in the Torbay area

Window Handles

We are able to supply and fit several styles of window handle to replace your existing broken or faulty window handles.

Window Locks

We supply and fit replacement window locks for various styles and types of PVC windows including tilt and turn windows.

Sealed Unit

We can supply made to measure replacement sealed units and fit them to cure your misted up windows. As an upgrade we can offer more thermally efficent sealed units to reduce condensation and retain more heat in your property.

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Door Hinges

We can adjust the hinges on most PVC doors if the door does not close tightly or is difficult to operate and lock/unlock. If necessary we can supply and fit replacement door hinges.

Door Handles

We carry and can fit several styles of replacement door handles to cover most PVC doors. Other colours and types of handles are available to order.

Door Locks

We have an extensive range of replacement door locks and gearboxes, enabling us to replace most door locks on site. Others are available to order for older PVC doors.

Letter Box

If your letter box is shabby or broken we can replace it. We carry several styles and colours of letterboxes to fit most PVC doors. Others are available to order